This state-of-the-art facility is the prized gem of the Music Engineering department at the University of Miami. With our Euphonix System 5 console and Pro Tools HD 8 as well as Logic 8, the studio is the perfect place for rising engineers to gain all of the experience they could ever want in audio tracking, mixing, and overdubbing, and production.
Live Room

Studio Staff 2009-2010

We're the ones that the government loves... or needs to hush.

Whether we're sleeping on the bench, camping out in the studio, or using PhotoBooth in the MUE lab, Ali will probably be wearing socks with flip-flops.

Alison Mattek Dan Griffin Eddie Bertot Sam Drazin
Nick Servidio Josh Sunderlin Trevor Murray Joe Abbati

Important Documents

Documents for licensing procedures, contact sheets, session logs, and other purposes.

Studio ManualThis is the manual to the Weeks Recording Studio. It contains the ground rules of the facility, as well as describes in-detail the Music Engineering Program as a whole.
Hands-on Training OutlineThis rubric spells out the primary critera used to administer the Hands-on Exam.
Tracking SheetUse this template to plot out the routing of your inputs and outputs, as well as microphone choices and channel-panel assignments.
How to Get LicensedA step-by-step guide of how to obtain your Weeks Recording Studio License.

Control Room

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