Below are some albums of my journies in the past few years, all for your enjoyment! I'll do my best to keep refreshed images posted.


The mystical land of South America and just a few of it's many treasures.

For Spring break '08, I had the luxury of traveling to Peru with my friend Gillian. There, we saw many of the wonders that the country has to offer. Of the sites we made it to, you can find images here of Maccu Picchu, Cusco, and several other cities.

AES 127

View some pictures of this year's trip to New York City for the Audio Engineering Society Convention.

The Audio Engineering Society Convention is held yearly in alternating cities between New York and San Francisco. The convention is a great time for MUEs to bond over their love of varying audio topics and bars with sand on the floor. The pictures below highlight this year's events in New York.

Chicago Botanic Gardens

Browse through some pictures of Chicago's beautiful Botanic Gardens.

One of my many weekend trips included visiting the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and amongst many bugs, animals and other assorted wildlife, the flora was simply breath-taking. Click on the image below to browse through some of the images I took while there.

Downtown Chicago

Take a tour with me on my quaint journies through the many corners of the Windy City.

This past summer, I spent my time in Evanston, working for Shure Inc. as Product Marketing Intern. When not at work, I took as many opportunities as I could to see the city in all of its glory. Click on the image below to browse through the images of my trips.

Lincoln Park Zoo/Shedd Aquarium

Who would have thought there'd be so much wildlife in Chicago?

While in Chicago over this past summer, I had the opportunity to visit both the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Shedd Aquarium. Both facilities were absolutely amazing, and the pictures I have posted for you account for about a twentieth of what I took while I was there. Click on the image below to browse through the images of my trips. Hope you enjoy!

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