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If you are one, than you get it. If you aren't, then there is really no way to convince you that we're not lying; or crazy for that matter. The Music Engineering students (or MUEs) from the University of Miami weather a collection of experiences which not only break us down to assignment-completing machines, but prepare us for the world as proficiently as any program that I've ever seen or heard of, providing a multi-tiered educational platform.

Music Engineering


What If God Was One of Us

The Music

We're much more than gear-heads and studio junkies...

As students within the Frost School of Music,the MUEs are held to the same standard as all other students studying music. Each MUE must audition on a principal instrument, take lessons, and play in ensembles throughout their career at UM. The school's nationally-acclaimed programs and studios provide a fast-paced breeding ground for world-class musicians in both Classical and Jazz scenes.

Be sure to check out videos of the MUE Concerts if you are interested in seeing some real-live MUEs behind their instruments (primary or not).

The Engineering

And we can code, too.

Within the first several semesters of a MUE's time at UM, they must select a technical focus through which they will pursue an accompanying minor alongside their BS in Music Engineering. Although the program has evolved vastly since its creation, the technical options have remained as a constant portion of the degree. Today, Undergraduate MUEs have the choice of a minor in either Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering. With a technical background accompanying musical training, the road is paved for MUEs to come up with some pretty cool projects.

An extensive Graduate MUE program was pioneered at the University of Miami, and serves as a breeding ground for cutting-edge research in the field of audio's place in a variety of fields including mixing, computing, and human computer interaction.

Everything Else

Audio Engineering, Studio Recording, Sound Reinforcement, Audio Postproduction, DSP...

This is the category which truly gives a MUE the experience of three undergraduate degrees in one; the programs and organizations made available to the Music Engineering student body are comprised of activities and courses which feature hands-on training and experience with cutting-edge technology in the field. A perfect example of this is illustrated by the Recording Services program, a structured organization of MUEs and other music students who provide professional recordings of the many concerts and performances on campus.

The course structure of the Music Engineering program delivers a highly diversified bundle of knowledge to each and every MUE who graduates. Students gain experience with technical topics such as Microcontrollers, Audio Postproduction, modern DAWs, basic recording and mixing techniques, introductory DSP, basics in C++ or other high-level programming, and many other fields where music, technology and audio come together. It is without a doubt the well-rounded nature of this program which that allows for such an impressive placement record.

Feel free to browse through some of my past assignments and projects from semesters past on the Classes page. This may give you a better perspective of the kinds of things that are focused on within the Music Engineering Department.

MUE Concerts

A semesterly tradition, the MUEs gather to show off their musical talents.

MUE Concert - Fall 2009 MUE Concert - Spring 2010

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