Find a few audio and video clips below of me playing. (I'm the keyboard player)

The Nite Hawks


Demo video shoot session for the Nite Hawks.

Tuesday Night Big Band

Hackneys on Lake- 2/11/2014

Luck strikes twice and the Tuesday Night Big Band was back at Hackneys on Lake!

The Blues Machine
Carter's Constituency
Slave Labor

The Jazz Massagers

Eat to the Beat @ Shure Inc - 9/10/2013

The last in this summer's concert series fueled by associate bands, Shure's Eat to the Beat 2013 opened with this performance by the Jazz Massagers.

Tuesday Night Big Band

Hackneys on Lake- 8/27/2013

This swinging band comprised of world-class musicians doesn't play out much, but every year at Hackney's on Lake an exception is made.

Granada Smoothie
Well You Needn't

Charlie Brown Christmas Quartet

Holiday Party @ Shure Inc - 12/17/2012

For an end of the year celebration, Shure hosts a banquet lunch; we were honored to be a part of the entertainment for the event.

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