Eric James Humphrey leads this course in an exploration of modern embedded devices and their inherent possibilities for development and further research.

Digital Signal Processing for Embedded Devices

Arduino Experiments

With no project ideas in mind, Eddie and I had no other choice besides tooling around with any and all gear that we could get our hands on. The output: the videos linked above.

Final Project


In the beginning weeks, I've found that the more I research about what's been done with the given materials, the better of an idea I have about what I not only want to do, but what I feel I'm capable of accomplishing. Below are a few links to some related projects that I've stumbled upon in my quest to assemble the world's first Wii-Nunchuck iPhone Controller for audio synthesis.

Wii Nunchuck controlling iPhone


It's nothing special, but the Wii Nunchuck now has a voice! More to come on data transfer and iPhone control.

Project Page

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