This course allows for the accreditation of a summer internship, of which I completed this past summer at Shure, Inc.
Shure, Inc.

Music Engineering Internship

I was lucky enough to spend the summer after my Junior year in lovely Niles, IL. There, I worked as a Product Marketing Intern at Shure Inc, which was one of the best work experiences that I have ever been through. Aside from seeing the ropes of corporate America, I was surrounded by many brilliant minds whom sculpt the world of Pro-Audio as we know it. In my time with Shure, I was able to have remarkable experiences, including visiting Harpo Studios, volunteering with Chicago Cares, and getting to know the other interns whose backgrounds all differed from my own.

During my time at Shure, I worked on several main projects for the Marketing Department. Although I cannot discuss most of what I did, I was able to document portions of my experience in order to earn course credit from the University of Miami for an industry-related internship. Below are some of the materials and documents completed for this course credit. Check out ANDI, the primary project I worked on while at Shure.

KSM 313

Internship Documents

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