Sarah's Project
The Assignment: to replicate the doppler effect with tone generation, and utilize both mono and stereo sound reproduction techniques to enhance the perception of a moving source.

The Doppler Effect

Part 1

Create a .wav file of what an observer would hear if a source passed directly over them at a fixed velocity.

Plot 1

Part 2

Adding to Part 1, place the user at a fixed distance (in this case, 10m) away from the track of the source.

Plot 2

Part 3

Adding to Part 2, make the source a three-toned pitch.

Plot 3

Part 4

Incorporate a Binaural listening environment to Parts 1 and 2. Assume that the inneraural distance between the two ears of a human is about 17 cm.

4a) Part 1 - Binaural

Plot 4a

4b) Part 2 - Binaural

Plot 4b

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